shit 0004
you are a skeleton
the numbers educationally
point out every ligament
joint, jaundice, and pelvis
but you never had a heart and no wizard
locksmith or butcher can fix that

shit 0003
i'm all tongue-in-cheek
but you run the respiratory system and
all of the guns through this hollow town

my soul
bound and
burlap sack, you know the rest

shit 0002
i cut my wrists whose windings crossed in each other in
all directions by compass my bindings
and tighten and torque torquoise eyes to
a better place / cross-stitched with the
lungs of sleep boiled in my stomach

it's not my fault our ingredients were outlawed.

shit 0001
bled we take roast venom from snakes
swap arms and dialogue the veins
with all corners you shoot fangs thru my strata
black and two a pyre's pylon
muzzling me in 2
it is not safe to use more than you use
vowels vial u twist-tie me.

so we only spoke w/ blue lips

old 0083
last night star-spangled & drunk,
i shot up all your speed limit signs

i miss you.

new 0007
starving for oxygen, so i wire my black winged
bloodstream over to connect crucified calls and reverse
soft stitches subdermally:
black hole souls sold indexed with sewer grates and seashells,
a passenger ship resting at the bottom of the ocean
i let raw terror wrap it's legs around me and swamp me with beauty,
its body with animal ferocity between my weakly trembling thighs.
stars explode behind my eyes
in a tour de force of low frequency angelics coming through
the speaker one by one.
spin your webbing around my eyes and sew them shut.

new 0006
i could never hope to get it right
so i never let you out of my sight
until the moon came down
and smashed this town to the ground

i was sitting pretty like a pendant

new 0004
black nitrile gloves
down your throat,
embedded with diamonds.

new 0008
all bets off bats out
swung low like angry chariots
black lava pouring out my eyes love her
black dove, her against streetsigns
swamp me with beauty, beauty body parts
operating on top of traintracks on burial night:
is this really the floor? the long, wriggling fibers of what
should be the carpet winding themselves around my fingers.
seashelled and sholed against my black hole soul i sold
the body and sealed shut the rest
shored up in underpinnings
pinned under underwebbings
snake into my ear canal and hiss into my brain stem.

new 0003: this time

swamped inside tones were my homes
increase pitch and dialate me on the floor.
ill suck your swamp bottom dry,
leave your body at the door.

dedicated to dead science
i dug up ditches and
dragged you stitchless
through distress-crested
bile depths
death doesn't save us.


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